The Power of My Group Business Coaching Experience

I once participated in a group business coaching program. I was a few years into building my business – our sales revenue and my own income had stabilized. In fact, I’d surpassed my financial goals for the first time in my life. But like so many, we had a rough time of it during the Great Recession, and I was nervous.

I worried I’d become dependent on making more, and then it would disappear. I also had a distinct feeling that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Again and again, I was bumping up against my own upper limit – I wondered what information and visibility within my business I was missing but needed to scale.

One night, I woke up, and my mind was already racing (where my Type-A-yers at? 🙋‍♀️). I wondered what I’d do if the economy bottomed out again. I worried that the flow of money would stop and thought about how to prevent that. I didn’t realize at the time that this was a trauma response – I was trying to mitigate my fears of the future rather than manifesting a life I loved… that’s a post for another day, though. The thoughts around protecting my ability to support my family financially were right, even if the approach was not so great. That was the silver lining of a sleepless night – the intuition that struggled to be heard above the noisy day cut clear and sharp through the night.

Eventually, I would join a group coaching program, and while the experience was underwhelming overall, I got a lot out of it. The membership fee was a hefty investment (I thought the high cost indicated value. WRONG). The coach turned out to be just ok. Every call with her started with a text telling me she was running late. Over the course of the year, I found myself wishing I’d chosen someone more relatable, someone with some warmth that I felt genuinely cared about my success and well-being. She had a sort of bravado about her, the attitude of “I am the product, and you’re lucky to be in the room with me.” Maybe so, but that never makes the other people in the room with you feel very good.

And, over time, I got the strange feeling that she was recreating me in her own image (later, I would realize that’s because she was, whether she realized it or not – her way was the only way she knew, but I didn’t trust my gut to say so back then). “Cut those clients, drop them like a bad habit,” she told me once. Maybe it was the right business decision, but it’s not how I treat clients. It was not a compliment when she asked, “What is that headshot? You look like an adorable puppy – you need to be ferocious.” You know who looked ferocious in her photos? Yep, her. I can be ferocious certainly (ask anyone who’s been bad to my kids), but it’s not my baseline. I let myself get talked into a lot of choices that were not great that year.

But here’s the real value I gained – it made me think about the kind of mentor and consultant I wanted to be. I love my clients (if I don’t, it’s a sign we aren’t meant to work together). I want them to be successful AND authentic. We don’t have to fake ferocity (or anything else) to succeed. I also learned how transformative it is for a client when we under-promise and over-deliver – a delightful experience is as critical as quality service. It’s why every detail matters in an Always This Good program today.

All that said, though, one of the most significant takeaways from that year was the group component – the other women I met were positively inspiring.

At that time, our child had recently survived a nearly fatal illness. The recession, only a few years earlier, almost pulled us under. And I was caring for a parent grappling with deteriorating health. All while my husband and I were each running a business and raising a young child and a toddler. I struggled to prioritize myself and see myself as more than a daughter, wife, and mother. I wanted to be an entrepreneur, the master of my fate, the captain of my soul. And the other women around the table, mostly older, well-established, and well-heeled, were captains!

They had presence. They had big problems with high stakes and listened and supported each other. They supported me, with smaller problems and lower stakes. I started living for those gatherings. I started connecting with and spending time with some of them outside of the program. One of them gave me golden advice, “Go to therapy.” After everything we’d been through, she was right, and I will be forever grateful for her honesty and wisdom. They inspired me to take risks, push harder, and want more for myself and my family.

I share all of this because this experience informed the way I design my programs for you and why our Advisory peer group at Always This Good is so special.

Imagine a space where ambition and empathy coalesce, where the collective strength of a community uplifts each stride toward success. This is the essence of The Advisory, a transformative experience that transcends traditional business norms. As a woman entrepreneur or executive, you stand on the threshold of greatness, seeking to scale professional heights and craft a legacy while honoring your well-being. You can’t enjoy what you’re creating if you don’t feel well creating it.

So, let’s dive into the benefits of The Advisory group business coaching program, some of which may surprise you!


Benefits of The Advisory group business coaching program 


Expert Guidance and Skill Enhancement

At the heart of The Advisory lies the wisdom of experts. Our members are free to communicate as needed. I facilitate a monthly “office hours” video call to answer questions and offer solutions and a ” hot seat” video call to review marketing materials, copy, and anything you’re working on. We also host subject matter experts in health and wellness, business law, personal and business finance, HR, and more. Their insights are like beacons guiding you through uncharted waters as your business grows. The knowledge gained here is both vast and tailored, enhancing your leadership skills and ensuring you’re getting the most out of your business or career.

Work-Life Harmony

Some of our members are surprised at the insights they gain into maintaining harmony between professional aspirations and their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Our members are raising children, caring for aging parents, balancing client needs with a spouse or partner, and managing their health and well-being. Find out what’s working for them, their creative workarounds, and work-life integrations that save time, energy, and money.

Strategic Risk-Taking and Enhanced Decision-Making

Your peers will share how they have navigated various business challenges, and our subject matter experts offer guidance on numerous topics, promising to engage, inspire, and challenge you to grow. This encourages a more refined approach to decision-making, risk-taking, and assessing situations with a balance of caution and boldness. Exposure to various problem-solving approaches in The Advisory will refine your decision-making skills, ensuring you’re equipped to make informed choices in complex situations.

Networking: Connecting with Purpose

In The Advisory, members forge deep connections with like-minded women who share the same work ethic and values. Always This Good provides a nurturing environment where you can find solace, strength, emotional and moral. This network isn’t just a resource; it’s a lifeline, offering both business opportunities and enduring friendships with relatable women who understand your unique lifestyle, ambition, and challenges. Imagine a place where every voice echoes your ambition, and every nod understands your struggle – this is the support system you find in The Advisory.

Preparing for What’s to Come: Sharpening Your Edge

Staying ahead means continuously honing your skills in a rapidly evolving business world. The Advisory focuses on practical strategies and leadership skills relevant to today’s business environment, ensuring you are always at the top of your game. For example, we anticipate a greater emphasis on global business, sustainable business practices, social entrepreneurship, and ethical decision-making. A firm grasp of AI and tech innovation is increasingly necessary, including harnessing data analytics and leveraging e-commerce platforms, social media, and digital marketing to reach wider audiences and streamline operations.

Diverse Perspectives: A Kaleidoscope of Insights

Always This Good values diversity and brings together individuals from various backgrounds and industries, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and viewpoints. This diversity is not just refreshing; it opens new ways of thinking and problem-solving, and diverse groups

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence (EI): Leading with Empathy

Developing EI is a surprising yet crucial takeaway from Always This Good programs. Improved empathy, emotion management, and interpersonal skills are not just leadership traits but life skills.** Beyond the expected professional development, The Advisory group business coaching program offers a unique avenue for personal growth and EI development, enhancing self-awareness and confidence.

Who Will Benefit the Most?

  • Experienced Professionals: Women with a solid track record in business, ready to contribute to and benefit from this elite group.
  • Aspirational Leaders: Those aiming to elevate their influence through innovative leadership styles and strategies and who aim to evolve their business or career as an author, speaker, or coach.
  • Innovative Thinkers: Creative minds eager to embrace new ideas and perspectives, staying ahead in their industries.
  • Growth-Ready Individuals: Women on the cusp of a business breakthrough, seeking to expand their horizons.
  • Community Seekers: Those looking for a network that understands the unique challenges of leadership.
  • Knowledge Sharers: Individuals eager to contribute their expertise, enriching the group’s collective wisdom.
  • Continuous Learners: Always on the lookout for new knowledge to enhance their business acumen.
  • Ethical and Responsible Leaders: Women who value integrity and responsibility in their business practices.

Are you ready to elevate?

This program isn’t just for leaders; it’s for visionaries seeking to drive change in their industries and beyond. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to join a community committed to mutual support, growth, and balance. If you see yourself in these words and feel potential ready to be unleashed, then The Advisory group business coaching membership could be for you. Learn more and register today or contact us to explore how The Advisory can support your success and well-being.

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