Wealth and Wellness Retreat


Spanning two transformative days, this intimate gathering promises more than just a retreat from the demands of competing priorities. It promises a revolution in the way you think about success, wealth, and wellness.

Join Jennifer and a group of high-caliber women business leaders at the Always This Good Retreat Center in Phoenix. Together, we’ll define bold goals and plot your path to success with one-to-one guidance and small group peer support, while soaking in the wisdom of guest wellness experts who will share practical techniques you can use anywhere like aromatherapy and meditation.


Join us in Winter 2024 for our next Wealth & Wellness Retreat. Subscribe here for priority access when registration opens.

Join us for two transformative days at the Seven-Figure Women’s Wealth and Wellness Retreat for a revolution in the way you think about success.

At the Always This Good Retreat Center in Phoenix: 715 East Sierra Vista Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85014, located  less than 15 minutes drive from Sky Harbor International Airport and Paradise Valley, home to some of the world’s finest resorts and restaurants. You acknowledge reading and agreeing to our Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions by registering.

In This Two-Day Exclusive Retreat You’ll Enjoy:

  • Visualization: no, we don’t have a time machine, but you’ll gain clarity about what you truly want with a unique guided exercise envisioning a future of success and wellness
  • Empowered Goal-Setting: dive deep, define your goals, and align with what’s truly important – building your legacy while honoring your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial well-being
  • Streamlined Strategic Planning: laser-focus, individualized expert guidance, and group support give way to a roadmap lighting your path to reach or surpass the 7-figure mark
  • A Holistic Sanctuary: absorb the wisdom of our circle of women, indulge in rejuvenating self-care breaks, learn from guest wellness experts and 1:1 sessions with Jennifer
  • Nourish the Senses: Fuel your brilliance with mindfulness, movement, aromatherapy, and nutritious food while soaking in the beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces at the Retreat Center.
  • Ongoing Support: Ready for more? Enjoy this experience virtually throughout the year in The Advisory, or work with Jennifer 1:1 on monthly retainer or in a VIP intensive one-day session, offered at rates exclusive to retreat alum.
wealth and wellness retreat

This isn’t only about scaling to 7-figures and beyond. It’s about designing the expansive, fulfilling, lifestyle you deserve. We offer a limited number of these special small group events each year – be one of the few to experience the personal and professional transformation of the Seven-Figure Women’s Wealth and Wellness Retreat at the Always This Good Retreat Center facilitated by consultant and CEO Jennifer Maggiore


 After nearly two decades as an entrepreneur and working with thousands of women, I’ve created this exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience just for you.

Forget balance – that’s a myth. We help our participants create harmony and build businesses that serve them rather than lives that serve their businesses.

Join us and invest in yourself with this magical two-day experience and women that get you. Don’t wait – we limit attendance to this program so that participants receive the time and attention they deserve. I hope to see you. Wondering if this program is right for you? Email us at admin@alwaysthisgood.com and let’s set up a time to talk.