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You aren’t just building a business, you’re building a legacy. You and your team make big things happen, but it can come at an expense. Some days are empowering, other days are depleting. Balance is a myth. But there is a more fulfilling path to success.

Welcome to Always This Good Business Consulting – we accelerate success for high-achieving women and corporate teams through mindful business consulting. No more worshiping at the altar of self-sacrifice and glorifying toxic “rockstar” energy that gets the job done through burnout. Work with Jennifer Maggiore and her top-tier team to recharge and create the plan for what’s next while engaging with a supportive community of leaders like you. Gain clarity, set big goals, and develop the plan to make it all happen in a way that honors your health, happiness, and relationships.

Our experiences include proven business growth consulting coupled with self-care and mindfulness techniques like meditation, aromatherapy, and sound therapy, to support your company’s greatest asset – you.

Nestled among a charming mid-century residential community in Uptown Phoenix, The Always This Good Retreat Center is a unique, first-of-its-kind retreat space dedicated to your well-being and business success. Originally a traditional southwest adobe block building from 1930, The Center has undergone extensive renovation and expansion to include more than 4,000 square feet of modern offices, meeting and training rooms, and outdoor event space. Situated in the ideal environment for a workcation, we are surrounded by world-class resorts, eateries, outdoor activities, and entertainment, with the energy of a metropolitan city, all set against the easygoing elegance of the Sonoran Desert.

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Kayla Trevett, Community Outreach.

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Emily Huth, Administration.


Jennifer Maggiore has two decades’ experience supporting high-achieving women and corporate teams.

In 2005, she started her first business after graduating with a degree in Business-Marketing, and was among the first to experiment with social media to promote her clients. It went on to become an award-winning digital agency, and she has since launched multiple businesses as a serial entrepreneur.

After working with thousands of entrepreneurs and corporate teams to grow their businesses, two things have become apparent: 1. Women business owners and leaders generate higher revenues, create more jobs, and give back to their communities; and 2. they often do so through significant self-sacrifice.

She’s witnessed the personal sacrifices they made for the success of their businesses and careers, and knows the struggles of burnout firsthand. She founded Always This Good, a business consulting firm and retreat center, to help her clients do their best work while honoring their health, happiness, and relationships.

Today, Jennifer helps clients take a comprehensive approach to client success, emphasizing equally business growth and well-being.

Transform burnout and frustration to clear goals, actionable plans, confidence, and flow – you and your business at your best.



Connect in person with brilliant, women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders like you.

The Advisory is the premier peer group membership for high-achieving legacy-driven women entrepreneurs.

Expand your impact, reputation, and revenue as the go-to subject matter expert, author, or speaker.

Work with Jennifer to identify problems, define scopes, and deliver results.

A note from Jennifer –

In 2000, I followed my high school sweetheart cross-country from Florida to Arizona – all the best things I’ve ever done were done because I followed my gut. After we got married, I finished my degree, excited to launch a business and spend my days working from home while we started a family.

But then, the world changed. By 2009, my husband and I found ourselves – two startup entrepreneurs with a toddler – struggling through the Great Recession when our baby had a life-threatening illness. When I look back at that year, I believe that stress played a significant role in losing a pregnancy and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. 

In the years that followed, I worked to build my freelance business into an award-winning digital agency as we dug ourselves out of debt.

Late nights working on the couch.

3 a.m. emails to staff.

Crazy-lady energy you could feel down the hall from my office.

Overwork = success, right? So wrong.

My diet – what I consumed physically, mentally, and spiritually – was junk. Until finally, my body and emotions became so uncomfortable that I had to find another way. I discovered that I’d built a life to support my business, rather than building a business that would support my life. It has taken years of small changes, learning how to care for myself unapologetically. I advocate for good therapy (yes, there’s a difference). And because of my family of origin (which includes depression and substance abuse), I’m also an advocate for mental health and recovery. These experiences have given me the insights, compassion, and patience to relate to a wide range of clients and their challenges without judgment.

Today, I am dedicated to helping clients create harmony through mindful business consulting – creating success within boundaries that honor their health, happiness, and relationships. I’ve been married to that high school sweetheart for 20 years. We have two precocious boys – that baby with a life-threatening illness is a bright high school junior with the world at his feet, and his younger brother is a straight-A student and aspiring astronaut. The sky is the limit for them both.

Whether you’re a founder or lead a corporate team, I invite you to learn more about how we can help you to implement grounded, repeatable, effective systems that meet goals in a way that promotes harmony of mind, body, soul, and business.