If you’re considering working with a consultant or coach this year to meet your goals but lack time and patience, you’ll want to read this. Business coaching and consulting come in all shapes and sizes, but most are designed as long-term programs, whether you’re working 1:1 with an expert or in a group. Unfortunately, this format doesn’t work for everyone. If you’re ready to fast-track business success exponentially but can’t imagine squeezing in weekly (or even monthly) baby-step meetings over several months, there is an alternative – the Always This Good Luminary VIP Day.

Our Luminary VIP Day isn’t another step in your journey – it’s a leap into a world where your business aspirations align seamlessly with your personal well-being for a revolution in how you think about success. Industry luminaries are firebrands known for their thought leadership. When you’re ready to expand your business as an iconic industry leader, not only as a successful entrepreneur but perhaps even as an author, speaker, or consultant, while prioritizing your health and relationships, you’re ready for the Luminary VIP Day.

During a VIP Day, the wisdom of experience meets the energy of new ideas. Rather than scoping problems and developing a plan over time, imagine

  • rapid clarity and ideation
  • laser-focused problem-solving
  • strategic planning
  • identifying your non-negotiables and sticking to them – protecting space in your life for your relationships and your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being despite the demands of skyrocketing success
  • and walking away from the day “good tired” – the tired that happens after you leave it all out on the field, holding nothing back and knowing you’ve designed a future that is as truly special and unique as you

Working for a full day with an expert devoted to you, listening deeply, asking the right questions, and suggesting new possibilities that not only grow your business but make your life better sounds good, but there are more benefits of fast-tracking business success with a Luminary VIP Day.

Fast-Track Business Success: Who is the Luminary VIP Day for?

If you’re ready to fast-track business success with accelerated problem-solving, goal-setting, and strategic planning in a compressed time frame sounds appealing, you may be wondering if this kind of program could work for you. The Luminary VIP Day was designed for:

  • Experienced Professionals: Women with substantial business experience find Always This Good Business Consulting programs especially beneficial. Their foundational understanding of business dynamics, challenges, and potential in their industries allows them to dig deeper, contribute, and accomplish more in a compressed timeframe.
  • Leaders with Legacy: Our clients are typically legacy-driven women – they aren’t only in business to make more money. They are focused on sustainability, social responsibility, and the positive impact they can make on their teams, in their fields, on causes important to them, and within their local and global communities.
  • Pioneers: Those aiming to elevate their influence as speakers, authors, or coaches/consultants will find the Luminary VIP Day, particularly, a fertile ground for learning and evolution.
  • Visionaries: Innovators looking to move to or stay at the forefront of their industry as a thought leader will find the Always This Good program especially valuable.
  • Ready for Growth: The Luminary VIP Day is designed for women on the cusp of growth, ready to embrace new challenges and scale new heights.
  • Strategic Risk-Taking Ability: Always This Good encourages a strategic approach to risk-taking, which is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. We support you in assessing risks with a balance of caution and boldness.
  • Aligning with Values: Individuals prioritizing ethics and responsibility in their business practices will find that Always This Good’s ethos resonates with their own. We don’t cut corners, treat people poorly, or cheat to move ahead.
  • Leaders in a Changing World: Our clients understand the evolving nature of leadership, especially in the context of a changing world. Always This Good programs help clients navigate economic uncertainty, build diverse workplaces, leverage a fast-evolving technology landscape, adjust to legal and regulatory compliance, and respond to global market and consumer trends.

In short, the Luminary VIP Day is for you if you are committed to growing as an industry leader, are eager to make things happen NOW, you need expert guidance with building your reputation, expanding your audience, increasing your income, and leaving a legacy.

The Luminary VIP Day is not for you if you’re unclear about your mission, lack passion for your work, find that investing time, money, or energy in yourself is a hardship, or are newly self-employed or have fluctuating revenue.

Luminary VIP Day: What’s Included

When you join Jennifer and the Always This Good team for a Luminary VIP Day, you’ll receive your welcome guide and complete a questionnaire before a pre-planning session with Jennifer to set objectives for your VIP Day. The day consists of six hours of laser-focused consulting – typically a three-hour morning session, one-hour lunch, and a three-hour afternoon session. You’ll walk away with an elevated and exciting vision of your industry, business, and lifestyle, well-defined goals, and a comprehensive action plan to move forward with confidence, and you’ll get two virtual follow-up sessions with Jennifer to support your progress.

Always This Good programs aren’t just for leaders, they’re for visionaries ready to drive meaningful change in their industries and for their teams, clients, and communities. Elevate your definition of success with a transformative Luminary VIP Day – learn more now.