The Paradox of Slowing Down

You may be surprised to find that a business retreat offers benefits beyond the skills you learn and the network you build. The problem is real, in a recent study by the American Medical Association, 57% of participating female physicians* reported at least one symptom of burnout. And 47% of women business leaders** report feeling burned out. It may seem counterintuitive but taking time off from work and other responsibilities for a retreat can lead to improved mental health and higher productivity. It’s what we call the “power of pause.”

You are at the crest of your career as a woman entrepreneur or executive. Your weeks are a whirlwind of to-do lists, meetings, and constant connectivity. You’re realigning priorities throughout the day to meet the needs of your team, clients, parents, children, or partner… and then there are your needs (maybe). Is it any wonder we’re frequently unclear about our goals or desires, exhausted, and too overwhelmed to make highly effective decisions?

This is where the paradox lies: sometimes, you need to slow down*** to move faster. At Always This Good, our Women’s Wealth and Wellness business retreats hold the secret to pushing through to the next level. Here, slowing down is not just a break; it’s a strategy to catapult your success and well-being to new heights.

What if you could briefly step off the treadmill of emails, calls, meetings, and the unrelenting demand for your attention and find a place where clarity, creativity, and strategic thinking flourish? That’s the essence of Always This Good retreats – offering space and time to think, feel, choose, and plan, empowering you to accelerate your personal and professional growth.


Our Unique Business Retreat Experience

Unlike any standard retreat, our Women’s Wealth and Wellness Retreat is a journey to the heart of your business and personal aspirations. Led by our CEO, Jennifer Maggiore, and guest wellness experts, these retreats offer a sanctuary where ambitious women like you can gain clarity and reconnect with their goals, values, and visions. It’s not just about relaxation; it’s about personal, professional, and spiritual transformation.

Each retreat is carefully curated to ensure an intimate and impactful experience. Imagine spending your days in a serene environment, surrounded by a small group of like-minded women leaders. You’ll share about your business, goals, and challenges and engage in thought-provoking workshops, one-on-one coaching, and group discussions designed to challenge and inspire you. It’s an opportunity to step back, reflect, and gain fresh perspectives on your business and life.


Not Just a Business Retreat: A Holistic Approach to Business and Wellness

The Always This Good philosophy infuses expert business consulting with self-care and mindfulness techniques you’ll learn and use long after our retreats. In between getting clear on your personal and professional goals and developing the strategic plan to make those goals a reality, you’ll hear from guest wellness experts who may lead you through guided meditation, mindful movement, chair massage, or an uplifting aromatherapy session.

Our wellness sessions are not just a luxury; they’re integral to your business success and allow for deeper creativity and problem-solving. Together, we’ll nurture a mindset that is both calm and razor-sharp, primed for innovative thinking and effective decision-making. This ensures that you leave with new business skills, strategies, and tools to maintain your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being and that your company’s greatest asset – you – are at your best.


Success Stories

From entrepreneurs who’ve redefined their business models to executives who’ve discovered new ways to lead with empathy and strength while meeting their goals and honoring their health and happiness, our client testimonials are an inspiring testament to the transformative power of Always This Good business retreats. Like you, they are women who sought a way to balance their professional drive with personal well-being.

“I chose to register for the 7-Figure Women’s Wealth & Wellness Retreat because whatever Jenn does is first class. I also wanted to spend time in a retreat and get things done. The Retreat lived up to its promise – I walked away with a plan and felt like I could do it. I identified what I really wanted with the Time Travel activity, it gave me a lot of clarity about the future of my business, which I found really valuable. I also loved hearing about other people’s businesses, their challenges, and plans. The atmosphere was relaxing and empowering. I was able to work at a good pace and in an environment that’s conducive to thinking, creating, and dreaming all at once. If you are looking for clarity and a plan for your business and well-being, this retreat gives you both. You’ll be amazed at the vision and strategies you’ll walk away with at the end.” – Daphne Lubera, Owner, Universal Optic Service


Conclusion: The Wealth and Wellness Business Retreat and the Power of Pause

It’s time to ask yourself: Are you ready to take the step that could change everything? Are you prepared to embrace the power of pause and transform it into your greatest strength?

At Always This Good, the 7-Figure Women’s Wealth and Wellness Business Retreat is more than an escape; it’s a pivotal point in your journey as a leader and a visionary. If you’re ready to explore how slowing down can propel you forward, we invite you to join us. Save your spot now for an upcoming date, or contact us for more information. Let this be the moment you choose to elevate not just your business but your entire life.

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